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LearnChair Radio Leadership Podcast

Mar 28, 2017

R. Gaines Baty is the bestselling author of Champion of the Barrio, a book about the legendary Texas football coach, Buryl Baty.  Gaines decided to write a book about his father to honor the coach’s legacy.  In doing so, he learned much about the father who died tragically when Gaines  was only four.  He also learned the leadership lessons his father imparted to his teams of hispanic kids, who he championed and guided.  Gaines interviewed over a hundred people who knew Buryl and who testified to the lasting impact he had on their lives.  Gaines, who runs a recruiting firm is not a professional writer.  Despite this, he wrote a book that remains among the top ten percent on Amazon’s list and is considered by several critics as among the best books on leadership written in recent years.  In the interview Gaines relates how he came to write the book, the struggle to get it published and the leadership lessons he learned in this endeavor.  If you are looking for a readable, inspiring book on leadership, please obtain a copy of Champion of the Barrio.