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LearnChair Radio Leadership Podcast

Jul 11, 2017

Renowned leadership expert and best selling author Chris Cebollero is interviewed by LearnChair Radio’s host Bob Dragone.  Chris’s leadership expertise is based on many years in the emergency medical services field.  Chris describes how he developed his leadership principles through trial and error in assuming leadership positions in the demanding and dangerous EMS field.  He now applies these principles to help organizations and businesses develop good leadership to improve performance and achieve success.  Chris notes that one of the leading failures of companies is not investing in their people.  It takes time and effort to make employees productive team members, and real leaders do this.  Chris is the author of Ultimate Leadership, a book that debuted as Number 1 on the Amazon best seller list.  In it he lists the steps an individual must take to become an effective leader.    He is following this up with a new book to be published in July entitled, Ultimate Success, A Strategy For Achieving Leadership Excellence, which outlines the skills a leader must know to achieve success.  To the question of what characteristics a good leader should possess, Chris responded with one - self awareness.  He states that you have to know who your are before you can help others become who they want to be.  This is a recurring theme throughout this interview and comes from Chris’s many years of being a hands-on leader in a highly demanding field.  This is a fun podcast with a man who knows leadership from first hand experience.