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LearnChair Radio Leadership Podcast

Apr 4, 2017

LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone interviews one of the nation’s top thinkers on leadership, Mike Mears.  Mike’s leadership expertise is based on practical experience in the military, business and government fields.  A West Point graduate, Mike worked with Jack Welch at GE and was the founder of the CIA Leadership Academy.  Bob and Mike explore why with all the experts involved in leadership development there remains a dearth of truly affective leaders.  They surmise that while principles are taught they are often soon forgotten for institutional and personal reasons.  Mike states his view on the best characteristics of a good leader based on his experience.  Mike is known for his advocacy of “stamping out bad bosses,”  but he prefers to accent positive features of good leadership development.  In this regard, Mike gives his observations on what are the best leadership lessons any one should learn.  Finally, when asked about who comes to mind when he is asked about great leaders, Mike relates his relationship with the late Secretary of Commerce, Malcolm Baldridge.  Mike emphasizes the personal relationships a good leader develops that leave a legacy.  This interview is a thoughtful guide on what you should do to improve your leadership skills.