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LearnChair Radio Leadership Podcast

Oct 25, 2016

Dr. Melissa Gratias is a Productivity Psychologist, her own term that translates as forging custom productivity solutions for her clients.  Her solutions are tactical and practical, and she focuses on what should be done to improve a company's methods and procedures.  Her methodology's basic approach is to identify problems as flags, from red to green, depending on their urgency.  Her methods are now available in a series of 6 ebooks available on her website,  Here's the link for the ebooks:  Melissa is a great story teller, and she regales LearnChair Radio Host Bob Dragone with examples of her biggest successes and some of her professional challenges.  Melissa also shares her opinions of what characteristics a good leader should have.  She lists three - predictability, calmness, and trust.  Few would argue these and we think you will enjoy this very engaging discussion with Melissa Gratias.

Melissa Gratias
a year and a half ago

Thank you, Bob! I had fun!