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LearnChair Radio Leadership Podcast

Jun 6, 2017

Are you interested in art and antiques?  Do you want to know what are the best collections you should visit and who has the best private collections?  What media is being avidly collected these days and who are the artists drawing the most attention?  These questions are answered in this episode as LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone interviews Miller Gaffney.  Miller is an internationally renowned art and antiques appraiser who many of you may know from her two TV shows, Market Warriors on PBS and Art Breakers on Ovation.  Miller explains how she got interested in art and how she developed as both a recognized expert and TV personality.  In this lively discussion Miller talks about what’s happening in art and antique collecting and some of the pitfalls of the profession.  How do you spot a forgery?  What happens to stollen art masterpieces?  This is a very concise and informative master class in art collecting from one of the world’s foremost experts.

Jon M
almost twelve months ago

Excellent interview! Enjoyed the theme on leadership.

Kevin notlus
almost twelve months ago

Great work