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LearnChair Radio Leadership Podcast

Feb 28, 2017

LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone takes a look at leadership in the arts in this interview with up and coming metals artist Calina Shevlin.  Callie is an expert in the art of guilloche, a technique used to engrave the elaborate and delicate patterns found on top end Swiss watches Faberge eggs, and increasingly in fine jewelry.  She is one of only 27 artists in the world who have mastered the machines and methods used to produce the guilloche patterns.  Recently, Callie published a book, Guilloche, A History and Practical Manual by Schiffer Publishers. This is the most comprehensive text on the art of guilloche ever published and will certainly be the defining publication on the topic for years to come.  In the interview Callie explains how she first became interested in guilloche and her search to find a mentor to teach her the techniques.  After a time working for Swiss watch companies she has now established her own business to further the art of guilloche in own creative manner.  Callie’s talent, perseverance and creativity are a lesson in leadership for those who have a vision and wish to establish themselves in whatever field they choose to pursue.