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LearnChair Radio Leadership Podcast

Jan 10, 2017

LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone interviews world-renowned bluegrass mandolin artist Mike Compton.  Mike relates his early interest in string band music and the influence of music playing relatives as the beginnings of his career in music.  But it is the influence of American musical master Bill Monroe that early on caught Mike's devotion.  Mike explains how Monroe took the music of the blues, country, Scots-Irish music and other forms to forge his own genre of Bluegrass music.  Mike has mastered the Monroe method of mandolin playing and now spends considerable time and effort to preserve Monroe's music and pass it on to new legions of followers. Mike tours extensively as both a solo and ensemble musician as well as holding house concerts and classes.  Mike is the host and chief instructor for the Monroe Mandolin Camp held each fall in Nashville.  In the discussion with Mike we explore what influences Monroe experienced to form his drive and ambitions as a leader, from a difficult childhood to drive champion of his own music.  Mike shares his opinions on leadership in the music business which include an honest relationship with the audience and the value of positive collaboration with other musicians and executives.  If you are not familiar with either bluegrass music or Bill Monroe, here's your introduction to a music and man you should know more about.