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LearnChair Radio Leadership Podcast

Mar 6, 2017

Does your brain work for you or against you in making sound leadership decisions?  LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone examines this issue with Joe Santana.  This is our second interview with Joe, who is a leading expert, teacher and consultant on bias and diversity in the workplace.  Joe’s current emphasis is on unconscious bias and how the brain works.  His focus is on how we make judgments and how the rules we live by affect our management decisions.  Joe asks how do people make good decisions when 95% of the time decisions are driven by processes we are unaware of?  Being unaware of brain functions can cost a company millions of dollars in lost opportunity costs.  Joe gives examples involving a penchant to hire fast and fire slow, continuing to stick to methods that fail time and again and failing to recognize changes in the business environment.  Joe poses seven tips on how to better use our brains to make good management decisions.  Among these are raising our awareness of how we make decisions, separating fact from opinion and challenging our beliefs.  When asked what characteristics make for a good leader, instead of listing terms Joe explains processes that good leaders use to make sound judgments.  Among these are freeing subordinates to examine all aspects of a goal rather than limiting the space they will work in.  The is a fascinating mini seminar on a unique aspect of leadership development - managing our brains.