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LearnChair Radio Leadership Podcast

Sep 12, 2017

Learnchair Radio host Bob Dragone interviews Christian Swain in this interesting and entertaining foray into the history of Rock and Roll.  Chris explains how his interest in both Rock and Roll and history led him to founding the RocknRoll Archaeology Project, a series of programs and podcasts that delves deeply into the history of Rock music.  a labor of love, Chris and his fellow archaeologists explore the roots of Rock following World War II and and discuss the branches that evolved over the years up to the present.  To the question of whether Rock is dead, Chris affirms this and gives the causes from the rise of Windows 95 and Napster to  the gradual demise of the guitar in favor of computer generated music.  Now new genres dominate and Chris and Bob discuss the reasons why.  Chris relates several stories about his own experiences as a rock musician and what it is like to play such historic venues as the Whisky A Go Go.  To the question of what characteristics define a good leader, Chris first mentions vision and how this shapes the relationship of leader to followers and the importance to a leader of surrounding him or herself with good people.  If you have an interest in Rock and Roll this is a podcast you should certainly listen to.