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LearnChair Radio Leadership Podcast

Jan 24, 2017

Is there a spiritual aspect to leadership?  LearnChair Radio host Bob Dragone explores this interesting notion with Kerry Harmanis, one of Australia’s prominent mining developers and philanthropists.  Kerry relates his journey from lawyer to fishmonger to mining magnate and how he developed his leadership style based on mindfulness and personal growth.  Kerry states how he developed his style through lifelong practice of what her terms, “spiritual endeavors” - meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, stretching and other physical activity.  Through his personal growth he developed a sense of compassion which he applies to how well he treats his employees and business associates.  His endeavors allow him to see a bigger picture.  Kerry notes the importance of giving subordinates responsibility and the freedom to exercise it.  Kerry is currently recognized for his philanthropy which he claims to have developed through contact with the Dalai Lama.  Kerry gives an extensive list to the question of what characteristics a good leader should have.  He lists humility, integrity, practical values, compassion, unconditional giving and the ability to surrender.  The latter involves letting go of issues and emotions that hold you back.  This is a unique take on leadership and one well worth considering for developing anyone’s leadership style.